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Rock salt was formed many million years ago when the seas dried up. Gradual evaporation, and the conditions prevailing in the interior of the earth, resulted in the formation of crystalline structures which give rock salt its typical appearance.

Pakistan boasts of one of the largest deposits of rock Salt in the world. Beginning from the Western Bank of river Jhelum up to the North, these deposits cover some 7000 miles in width, 275 feet in depth and include such world renowned mines as Khewra, Kalabagh and Warcha producing over 2100 tons of salt every day.

These rock salt deposits are complemented by the 700-km coastal belt of Pakistan producing over 1400 tons of sea salt per day and the Tharparkar and Rahimyar Khan Lake deposits, which produce an additional 200 tons per day.

Against this rich backdrop, CM SALT LAMPS some 7 years back, started the concept of exporting Packaged Salt from Pakistan along with export of Rock Salt in lumps, utilizing all the sources from Khewra reserves.

The export of Rock Salt in lumps ( stones ) is mainly to India , Europe , Far East and Middle East area. These lumps ( Stones ) of Rock Salt are packed in 1 Kg to 50 Kg P.P bags and 20 Ton is loaded in to Railway wagons or Containers for transport & shipment to destination.

Since then there has been no looking back as CM SALT LAMPS has not only maintained its market leadership in this segment but has also introduced new and innovative extensions to its salt range as time went along.

Apart from Table Salt, all of these salt line extensions have direct medical benefits and have therefore been made part of the Health Foods range. This range is led by Universal iodized Salt that was introduced in Pakistan as part of its commitment toward a healthier, safer Pakistan.

With Iodine deficiency disorders such as goiter, cretinism and hypothyroidism prevailing in over 60% of the population of Pakistan, Iodized Salt was considered as the simplest and most natural Solution to this problem


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