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Each lamp has been carefully hand crafted, and is unique. Salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rock formed by nature over hundreds of millions of years ago, and mined 800 metres underground in salt rock mines in Asia and Europe.

There are different grades or qualities of saltrock crystal from around the world. Prices and qualities vary depending on the origin and reputation of the mines. At CM SALT LAMPS you are assured that the lamps you get are sourced from the most reputable location known for the health benefits and ionising qualities, as well as clarity, colour and design of their salt rock crystal.

The beautiful and rich colour of the crystal salt lamps has been known to be useful in colour therapy. Picture the heart warming and comforting flicker of a tealight candle through the translucent peach tones of the rock crystal in a darkened room� It is ideal for your bedside table whilst you sleep. Proponents of colour therapy have used the qualities of the salt crystal lamp to enhance their emotional well being and balance with encouraging results.




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